Digital design with sound waves: When Bowie met Frisina

Finally, during this pandemic time I was able to complete a personal project that I really cared of. After all it is dedicated to my partner and I.

Inspired by the project developed by Gensler SF & SDA for the IBM Watson Experience Center (, I combined audio waves with data design. Audio waves from, respectively, “Alto e Glorioso Dio” performed by Marco Frisina and “Ziggy Stardust” by David Bowie, are turned into a sequence of curves which are then lofted. From the surfaces I could obtain their topography contours in the form of closed curves. Their internal points have been used to generate two patterns: Voronoi subdivision pattern that corresponds to “Alto e Glorioso Dio” while Ziggy Stardust’s curve points have been translated into a mesh triangulation.

Because of the idea was to laser cut these two patterns, lines are offset. However, due to Covid-19 lockdown I could only post-process these patterns on Photoshop. The work is still in progress but I think the intricacy of the image is compelling just as much.



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